Westminsterians took to the polls on Tuesday May 14, 2019, and the votes have now been counted, and the winners announced.

New Members to the City Council

Voters had to decided between six different candidates, who were all vying for three city council seats. The seats were filled by Councilman Greg Pecoraro, who won reelection, as well as former Mayor Kevin Earl Dayhoff and Ann Thomas Gilbert.


The final vote count is as follows:

  1. Kevin Earl Dayhoff – 410 votes
  2. Greg Pecoraro – 401 votes
  3. Ann Thomas Gilbert – 372 votes
  4. Jessica Laird – 318 votes
  5. Steven Colella – 225 votes
  6. Kate Carter – 179 votes

A total of 686 votes were cast, which is less than 6% of the total 12,026 active and inactive voters.