Benjamin Franklin once said “nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” but if he had lived in Westminster he would have added Baugher’s to that list!

Baugher’s has a long history in Westminster and Carroll County, you can’t live in Westminster and not know the Baugher family. We stopped in for dinner and wanted to share our experience with you, along with some of the Baugher family history.

The History of Baugher’s

The year was 1904, Theodore Roosevelt was president, work on the Panama Canal was only just getting started, and Dr. Seuss was born. 1904 was also the year the Baugher’s family laid down roots in Carroll County when Daniel Baugher purchased a 60 acre farm.

Baugher's Orchard in Westminster, MD

Daniel planted the first 12 acres of orchard in 1920, which he would work until his death in 1933. His son, Edward, and his wife, Romaine Leppo, purchased the farm from other family members for $5,500 and continued the work that Daniel started. The farm was expanded in 1943 when Edward and Romaine acquired an additional 85 acre fruit farm from a neighbor.

Baugher’s Family Restaurant was opened in the January of 1948 and served as a great compliment to the farm.

In 1970 Allan Baugher, the eldest son of Edward and Romaine, developed the Appleman logo, and in 1981 Baugher’s finally constructed a state-of-the-art modern baking facility.

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1983 marked the first time Baugher’s offered their first “pick your own” with strawberries, and they celebrated their centennial in 2004, an event Romaine herself witnessed before she passed away at age 94 in 2006.

A Family-Oriented Experience

I went out for an early dinner with a friend the other day. I had been to their fresh produce market (which is conveniently located directly next to the restaurant) before, but never to the restaurant itself.

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We seated ourselves and were promptly greeted by our waitress. We looked over the menu for a time and placed our orders. I ordered the NY strip steak, while my friend went with the mushroom and Swiss burger.

Dinner Rolls for Starters

Our waitress very quickly brought us out some dinner rolls, which was a good thing, because we were hungry!

Baugher's Family Restaurant Westminster, MD

The rolls were very fresh and flaky, and had a great flavor (the butter helped of course!)

Baughers Restaurant Dinner in Westmisnter, MD

The bread was good, but at the end of the day, was still just bread. Though it was a nice touch that I wasn’t expecting, as I’ve found many smaller restaurants don’t give bread to the table.

A Tasty Steak

After only a little bit of a wait, our plates were brought out. The plating of the food certainly was not fanciful, but then again Baugher’s isn’t a fancy restaurant. Their plating reflected the restaurant itself, simple and functional.

Cheap dinner in Westminster, MD

I ordered my steak medium rare, and the cook hit it right on. The steak was very tender and juicy and didn’t have a bad flavor. Having said that this was not the most flavorful steak I’ve ever had, a little bland, and I had to use a good amount of steak sauce.

Steak dinner in Westmisnter, MD

Salty and Crunchy Corn Fritters

For my first side I ordered the corn fritters, a personal favorite my father used to make at home. These fritters, while maybe not exactly the same, did live up to my dad’s standards.

Lunch in Westmisnter, MD

The corn was very juicy and flavorful, and it mixed well with the fried batter and the salt. I would definitely order them again and can recommend them to anyone. And if you’ve never had a corn fritter, give them a try, you won’t be sorry!

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

For my second side (entrees come with two sides) I ordered the mashed potatoes, and these were some good ‘taters.

Westminster MD Family Lunch

I’m a big fan of mashed potatoes and have tried them at a great number of restaurants. These potatoes stand up with some of the best of them, along with the gravy. Give ’em a try.

A Mound of Mushrooms on a Burger

Burgers in Westminster, MD

My friend ordered a burger, and being such a lover of mushrooms, he got the mushroom and Swiss. And as you can see from these pictures the burger was smothered with juicy mushrooms.

Cheap food in Westminster, MD

He said the burger was juicy and had good flavor. The bread was flaky and had a nice fresh taste to it. The mushrooms and onions were of course to die for!

Crunchy and Flavorful French Fries

Along with his burger my friend ordered a basket of fries. The fries were delicious, though they could have certainly used some more salt.

Westminster, MD Good Food

They were cooked in the same style as boardwalk fries, and some vinegar would have went very well with them. These were some solid french fries.

Some Tasty Sweets for Dessert

After finishing up our meals we both wanted to give their dessert menu a try, especially their homemade ice cream (although the homemade pie was also tempting!)

Peanut Butter Crunch Sundae

My sweet tooth was instantly drawn to, as it commonly is, the peanut butter sundae. I am a nut (pun intended!) for anything peanut butter, and Baugher’s ice cream didn’t disappoint.

Homemade Ice cream in Westminster, MD

The ice cream itself was extremely flavorful and had a good texture. The cream on top was thick, sweet, and mixed extremely well with the chocolate sauce and the peanuts. Just looking at this picture is putting flavors back in my mouth!

Hey Gang, Let’s Go Down to the Malt Shop! (Said in Fred’s Voice)

Ok, I’m sorry, but the Scooby Doo fan in me made me put that there. My friend ordered a vanilla milkshake with malt. And while I loved my peanut butter sundae, seeing that shake almost made me wish I had got one (almost).

Westminster, MD milkshakes

He said the shake was flavorful and sweet, and that the malt really made gave it the extra “oomf” (his word) that it needed. If you’re looking for a shake in Westminster, you could certainly do worse than Baugher’s.

The Overall Review

Overall I would say I had a pleasant experience at Baugher’s Restaurant. Our waitress was kind and the service was fairly fast. The setting is definitely a little bit folksy and country, but so is Westminster! That’s just our town.

The food was pretty good, although I wasn’t completely in love with the steak. It wasn’t bad by any means, but I kind of wish I had ordered something else. My friend got a good burger and all of the sides were good. The real highlight of Baugher’s is the dessert, so if you go, I would definitely recommend saving a little room for something sweet.

Overall I would give Baugher’s Family Restaurant a 7.6/10. If you’re looking for a simple but pleasant dining experience in Westminster, MD then Baugher’s may be just what you’re looking for.

Westminster Agrees

Sure we had a good experience at Baugher’s, but you shouldn’t judge a place on just one review. Here’s what some other Westminsterians had to say:

Good and attentive service delivering outstanding dishes of delectable flavor. This was our first time at Baugher's, it'…

Posted by Cathy Johnson Turnbaugh on Sunday, March 10, 2019

great fried chicken and French fries. I have never had a bad meal there.

Posted by Rhonda Williams Malkowski on Saturday, March 16, 2019

Love the place. Simple, hearty and familiar. Like eating at my grandma's as a kid on Sunday afternoon. And the pies are phenomenal! Never disappointed.

Posted by Mark Beck on Sunday, March 10, 2019

They have the best waitress' !!!๐Ÿ™‚โค๏ธ๐ŸŒŸand the food is like home cooking at Grandma's !!

Posted by Mary Cornwell on Thursday, March 21, 2019


Don’t take their words for it either, go out and try Baugher’s for yourself!


Baugher’s Family Restaurant is located at 289 W. Main Street * Westminster, MD 21158.