The sushi I got at Katana Sushi was similar, I would imagine, to the kind served to the ancient Japanese emperor of Kyoto. Authentically Japanese and extremely flavorful.

And just like a samurai, I am duty bound to share my positive experience with Westminster and the world, ensuring everyone knows just how good Katana Sushi is.

Like Walking into a Tokyo Restaurant

The first image to reveal itself was one of a geisha overlooking Mt. Fuji. It doesn’t get much more Japanese than that.

Katana Sushi Westminster MD

The chefs were chopping up fish and arranging rolls, I really liked that they had them out in the open. This really foreshadowed the fresh taste of the ingredients that was to come later.

Sushi Place in Westminster MD

Just look at how fresh and tasty that fish looks! And believe me it tasted as good as it looked.

Fresh Ingredients Sushi

Set Sails for Flavor!

My friend and I went with a family party tray which came with three special rolls and three regular rolls. The tray cost roughly $50 but was a good value for the amount of sushi. (Note: for the family tray, special rolls over $12.50 and regular rolls over $5.50 will incur an additional charge).

Tasty Sushi in Westminster Maryland

The waitress carried our ship out, and the plating of the sushi was impeccable.

Westminster MD Sushi

We had a lot of sushi, and each roll had a distinct taste.

Of course our sushi came with wasabi and ginger, two ingredients I usually ignore, but this time around I wanted to give them a try.

Fresh Sushi in Westminster MD

The ginger was sweet and juicy, but also had a bit of a bite to it. Many people use the ginger as a palette cleanser in between bites.

Wasabi Sushi Westminster MD

We didn’t use nearly all of the wasabi, that stuff is pretty darn hot. But I did put some in my soy sauce which gave it a bite and added more flavor to all of the rolls.

Asian Cusine in Westminster MD

Spider Roll

The first special role we ordered was the spider roll, which came with soft crab, cucumber, avocado and masago (a small fish).

Katana Sushi Spider Roll

I did enjoy the spider roll and thought it had an excellent flavor, especially with the soft crab. If you’re a fan of soft crab, then the spider roll may be just up your alley.

Spicy Tuna

The first regular roll I want to talk about is the spicy tuna roll, a staple at most sushi restaurants. And Katana’s roll didn’t disappoint.

Tuna Sushi in Westminster MD

The tuna practically melted in my mouth and had a good spice flavor (although it wasn’t super spicy and hot). It was a little plain compared to the special rolls, but if you like simple, this might be the roll for you.

The Rainbow Roll

The second special roll we chose to order was the rainbow roll, which came with crab meat, avocado, cucumber, and fish.

Rainbow Roll at Katana Sushi

I’m not a big fan of avocado, and even though most of the sushi did come with avocado, the rainbow roll had a lot of it. In my opinion too much.

This was my least favorite out of all of the rolls, as it generally lacked any distinct flavor. It was too simple, and did not seem like a “special” roll.

A Creamy Philly Roll

For our second regular roll we went with a classic Philadelphia roll. A good choice.

Philadelphia Roll at Katana Sushi

If you haven’t had a Philadelphia roll before, then cream cheese and sushi may seem like an odd combination. But it is well worth a try. I enjoyed the Philadelphia roll and thought the cream cheese added to the tuna, and the overall flavor of the roll.

A Volcano Roll to Rival Mt. Fuji

By far and away the best roll we got was the third and final special one, the volcano roll. It is a deep fried roll with salmon, crab, asparagus, and spicy tuna on top

Volcano Roll Westminster Maryland

The fried crab and tuna on top was pure flavor and completely melted away in my mouth, with the sauce adding another spicy flavor into the mix. Everything about the volcano roll was delicious and I almost wish we had just ordered six of them.

Some Solid Spicy Red Snapper

For our third and final regular roll, we ordered the spicy red snapper roll.

Red Snapper Sushi at Westminster MD

If I’m being completely honest, the red snapper did not taste much different from the tuna. It was good, and I would definitely recommend it, but there was nothing groundbreaking here. Just some good sushi.

Salmon Roe Sashimi

In addition to our family party tray, my friend also ordered some salmon rowe sashimi.

Sashimi is similar to sushi, but is served without rice, and the seaweed wrap is typically replaced with cucumber.

Sashimi in Westminster Maryland

Roe is a popular Japanese dish comprised of fish eggs. Here the roe was topped with raw egg, which my friend described as “gooey goodness”. He loves the roe at Katana Sushi and orders it every time we go.

The Overall Experience

I have already talked at length about the food itself and how good it was, but I wanted to take some time to look at the experience as a whole.

It is important to note the cost of Katana. While sushi is typically a more expensive cuisine, Katana was particularly expensive. It also took a while for our food to come out, considering they weren’t very busy and sushi doesn’t need to cook.

Having said that, the food really was amazing. I liked everything we had and would certainly reorder every one of the rolls. Overall I would give Katana Sushi 8.6/10.

Westminster Agrees With Us

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what some others in Westminster have had to say about Katana Sushi.

Everything about this place is incredible. Highly recommend. 12/10.

Posted by Jordan Karr on Thursday, November 15, 2018

Had a wonderful anniversary dinner ! loved our sashimi , fresh and delicious fish, rice cooked perfectly and the servers very friendly and welcoming! Thank you everyone!

Posted by Kate Puller on Sunday, October 7, 2018

This place is always VERY good. From the wait staff to the atmosphere to the taste, variety and presentation of the food. You can't go wrong here if you like Sushi and/or Hibachi.

Posted by Kim Denny on Sunday, September 23, 2018

Went there with my family last night. Spur of the moment decision since we forgot to take something out for dinner. …

Posted by Rayne Mattes on Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Don’t just take their word for it either. Go out and try Katana Sushi for yourself, and tell us what you think!


Katana Sushi is located at 410 Meadow Creek Dr Ste 103 Westminster, Maryland 21158.