Rainstorms in Westminster

Over the past week, the East Coast has been battered by rainstorms, affecting regions all the way from North Carolina to Pennsylvania.


One area affected by the weather has been Carroll County. Westminster and other towns have received a large amount of rain over the past week or so.

Weather information from Google and Weather.com.

Storms have brought enormous amounts of precipitation to northern Maryland, and it looks like they will continue for quite a while.

According to Weather.com, the storms are unlikely to stop for at least another week and a half.

Flash Flooding

Even more heavy rain arrived last night, starting at around 5:20 PM, and pouring down for a couple of hours.

This lead to flash flooding in many areas of Carroll County, especially ones with poor drainage or lower elevations.

flood warning has been announced for most areas of Carroll County, including Manchester, Hampstead, Eldersburg, Sykesville, and Westminster.

Carroll County flood warningCarroll County flood warning

Flood warning information from Google Public Alerts.

Many people’s commutes were affected by the flash flooding, as some roads were completely covered with water.

Road Closures

As a result of the flash flooding, many roads in Carroll County have been closed, such as one part of Md. 27.

This measure will hopefully help to ensure the safety of Carroll County residents – a number of roads have become impassable due to the large amount of water flowing over them, and driving on such roads can be very dangerous.

Flood Safety

There are many things you can do to defend yourself from the dangers presented by flash flooding. Here are just a few from FEMA.

  • Do not go near floodwaters. Just 6 inches of water can knock a person over, and 12 inches can move a vehicle.
  • Listen to emergency alerts from the government to stay up-to-date about flood conditions.
  • Have an evacuation plan in case you need to escape from floodwaters.
  • Don’t use bridges, especially if they are near moving water.
  • Have emergency supplies ready in case you cannot leave your home – this includes batteries, food, water, and anything else you might need when staying indoors for an extended period of time.

Visit Ready.gov to learn more about safety during flash floods. Stay safe Westminster!