The opening of a gas station may not sound like the most exciting thing in the world, but Sheetz didn’t get that memo.

Of course Sheetz is more than just a gas station, as they also offer food, and while it may not have been the most exciting thing in the world, it was definitely the most exciting thing in Westminster.

Sheetz Joins the Westminster Community

When I pulled into the parking lot of Sheetz, I was honestly a little amazed by how many people were there.

Westminster was really excited to welcome Sheetz!

Westminster MD Sheetz Grand Opening

There was a mass of people eagerly awaiting the store opening, crowded outside the double wide doors.

While we were waiting, Sheetz kept everyone entertained via raffles.

Sheetz Grand Opening Raffle

Throughout the event they gave out Sheetz gift cards (of varying values) to those lucky enough to have their tickets drawn.

The people from Sheetz weren’t the only ones present, and they weren’t the only ones giving things away.

100.7 Radio Channel Sheetz

The good folks from 100.7 FM Baltimore’s Classic Rock Radio were present and held their own raffle.

They were giving out tickets to a whole bunch of great bands, the Eagles, Jefferson Starship, Yes!

Unfortunately I didn’t win any of the raffles, (I really wanted those Yes tickets too!) but it was fun to watch others win, and to listen as the entire crowd cheered.

Would You Like a Free Sample?

Employees were walking around, handing out samples of Sheetz products, and I obliged.

I ate a mac n cheese bite, and it was quite good, very cheesy, crispy and had a very good overall taste.

Sheetz Free Sample Slushy

In addition to the mac n cheese bite, I also sampled a small cup of cherry slushy.

The slushy was tasty and very sweet, and it was a bit of a hot day, so it was much appreciated.

The Sheetz Family: Still Taking an Active Role

Most big corporations, at one point or another, start out as small family-owned businesses. And in that regard, Sheetz is no different.

Where they differ from other corporations is the fact that the Sheetz family still leads the Sheetz corporation.

Sheetz Family Ryan Sheetz

A member of the Sheetz family, Ryan Sheetz (pictured above) was present at the opening, and spoke at length about how important community was to the company and how important carrying on his family’s legacy was.

The company has definitely changed since its founding, and has grown from a single store in 1952 to where they are today, (the Westminster store marks their 578th store, and their 30th in Maryland).

Throughout all of the company’s history, the Sheetz family has been right there, steering the ship.

Sheetz Supports Good Causes

As a company, Sheetz prides itself in taking root in, and supporting, the communities its stores are in.

This was made apparent at the opening, as there were several local charities present.

Special Olympics Maryland

During the opening ceremonies, the microphone was eventually given to Adam Hays (Green shirt on the right), a representative of Special Olympics Maryland.

Special Olympics Maryland Westminster Maryland

Adam spoke about the struggles associated with hydrocephalus (a condition he suffers from), about his time spent competing in the Special Olympics, and why he loves working for the Special Olympic.

His speech was extremely heartwarming, and really helped to put the whole event into perspective.

He very proudly accepted a check of $45,431, given from Sheetz, to the Special Olympics Maryland. (The money was raised across multiple stores from cash register change jars).

The Maryland Food Bank

In addition to the Special Olympics, Sheetz was also supporting the Maryland Food Bank.

Maryland Food Bank Westminster MD

Donations of non-perishable foods were being accepted, and will feed many with food insecurities right here in Westminster.

Sheetz Maryland Food Bank Westminster Maryland

The food-bank was also given $2,500 from Sheets itself, which will certainly go a long way to helping feed the less fortunate.

Time to Cut the Ribbon

After all of the raffles, all of the speeches, and all the giant checks, it was time for the main event.

The ribbon cutting.

Sheetz Grand Opening Westminster Maryland

The store manager, a small, yet full of energy, woman named Robin did the honors.

She used a pair of oversized scissors, and went through the ribbon just like a hot knife through butter. (Where do they get those scissors anyway? Staples?)

After the ribbon had been cut there was nothing stopping people from entering the store.

The Floodgates Opened Up

As soon as the doors opened, the amassed crowd from outside began to enter the store, each picking up a free Sheetz metal coffee cup on their way in.

SHeets Store Opening in Westminster MD

The stores shelves were completely stocked, and the throng quickly dispersed throughout.

Sheetz Westminster Maryland Grand Opening

Some made their way to the many snacks being sold.

Convenience Store Westminster Maryland

Others headed to the ice cream machine, looking for a cold sweet treat to help cool off the hot day.

Sheetz Westmisnter MD Soft Serve Ice Cream

And it didn’t take too long until lines began to form around the “Made to Order” food kiosk stations.

In the effort to fulfill these orders, the kitchen staff were all working hard, moving at a rate rivaling that of Hermes.

Kitchen Staff Sheetz Westminster Maryland

I was one of those waiting in line for food, and before too long I was walking out of the store carrying my bag of Sheetz.

The Food at Sheetz, Yum!

For my meal, I ordered a Quesarito, and a small bag of onion rings.

Sheetz Made to Order Food

The drinks were free for the opening, and I took advantage and got some Mountain Dew Code Red.

QUesarito and Onion Rings from Sheetz

I plated my food and was ready to start eating, let’s unwrap the quesarito, and dive a little deeper.

A Quesarito with Both Quantity and Quality

Look at how big this thing is! That’s one of the biggest burritos I’ve ever seen!

Sheetz Made to Order Burrito

A quesarito is basically just a burrito, but with melted cheese in between the tortilla. I got jalapenos, chili, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, rice, beans, and pork on mine.

All the ingredients had great flavor and tasted fresh. The highlight was definitely the pork, as it was amazingly tender and had a tangy, yet sweet, marinate.

Quesarito Sheetz Westminster Maryland

I may consider something else next time, just so I can sample the entire menu, but I would definitely order the quesarito again.

Some Onion Rings

Were these the best onion rings I’ve ever tasted?


Were they the worst?


The onion rings at Sheetz were really just OK.

Onion Rings from Sheetz

The breading was a little hard and not as crispy as I would like, and they were a little cold.

I might order them again and give them another shot, mostly because I like onion rings so much, but I didn’t love them.

An Overall Rating of the Food

I really liked the quesarito, but the onion rings were a bit lackluster.

Overall I would give the food at Sheetz a 7/10.

While Sheetz might not have the greatest food in the world, there is definitely more worth getting there than just gas.

The Community Will Embrace Sheetz

If the events of today, combined with the food I ate, tell me anything , it’s this.

Sheetz is here to stay.

With their level of involvement in the community, and the good food they serve up, Sheetz looks to be here to say.

And the community agrees!


I look forward to trying more menu items and maybe I’ll see you there!


Sheetz is located at 1023 Baltimore Blvd, Westminster, MD 21157.